I’m going to start by consuming a huge dollop of humble pie, with cream.  Ireland managed to redeem some of the pride that had been evident BC (Before Cyprus!)  So, I’ll be one of the first to congratulate them and  to say that I hope it continues.

However, Steve (“Magnificent”) Staunton still has some work to do to convince me that he is the man to take Irish football forward.  At least last nights result proves that leaving Lee Carsley out was a aberration never to be repeated (hopefully).  And, furthermore, lets be honest about it.  All of the players that played last night were available to play in Nicosia, and all didn’t!  Also, the team that was put out last night was as much a product of injuries/suspension as it was of the manager’s tactical nous!

But lets enjoy this victory that the gods of football have bestowed on us.  Qualification still looks out of our reach as basically we’ll have to at least win 8 and draw 1 of our remaining 9 games but if the performances can continue in that vain and the results are acceptable, I too may eventually come around to recognising Staunton as the way forward.

We live in hope! (Now…………to try and buy back my plastic hammer)

~ by knightfall on October 12, 2006.


  1. ah you’re a bandwagoner young lad !

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