Is it just me, or does anyone else find the whinging of the public about the recent International Rules match (fight) against Australia a little by hypocritical?

I do agree that the Australians were over-physical with their approach in the first quarter.  And, it could have been ended there and then at the start had the umpires had the courage of their convictions and flashed a couple of red cards.  The rules were changed to facilitate this, but it seems to have been only a lip service to the complaints.  It also has to be said the Irish players gave as good as they got, but then who wouldn’t attempt to defend themselves if someone else was tryin to pull the head off of you?!?

We had Michael Lester in the studio blubbing about RTE getting a record number of complaints, but at least he, like me, didn’t see the fighting as being too over the top.  Now, I’m sure a vast majority of the Irish public who rang in complaining are the same people who were complaining that the first test was physical enough, and some of them are no doubt also GAA fans who go to the open warfare that we’ve been hearing about in recent months, known as the county final!

Finally, what have we done to deserve Marty Morrissey!  Usually, I enjoy the light hearted rubbish he spurts, but yesterday took the biscuit!  First he makes the point that the media will jump on the bandwagon and only talk about the fighting (he’s right there alright), and they he proceeds to only talk about the fighting!  But what really got my goat was his disrespect of the Australian captain when he received the trophy.  He talked over his entire speech, but then that’s ok because they had the temerity to beat us!

 Look, despite the fighting we were played off the park.  Take your beating like the men you pretend to be!


~ by knightfall on November 6, 2006.


  1. I couldn’t agree more! You have restored my faith that not all the Irish are knobs!

    Can’t believe some of the crap that I am hearing from over there!

    Get your blokes in a gym and it might be a better fight next time! 🙂

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