Is it just me who finds November, as a month, life sappingly dull?  Fair enough if your birthday is in November, or your wedding anniversary or something of that nature you have some reason for awaiting November with some excitement.  But for the rest of us, what is there to look forward to?  We’ve just come off the back of the last Bank Holiday of the year, and now we eagerly await Christmas (well, most of us anyway).  So, what do we do with November?

 Well, most of us will sit in and guard our precious few sheckels for the Christmas.  Some of us will even be uber-organised and start the shopping for the Christmas!! (Where’s the fun in that!)  But what does November offer us?  Is it the only month of the year with nothing positive going for it?

January is the New Year, hence new beginnings.  February has Valentine’s Day.  March is the start of Spring.  April has Easter and all that chocolate.  May is the start of Summer.  June is the defacto month in which to get married.  July is more of that Summer goodness.  August is the month when you try to squeeze the last few days holiday in during the good weather.  September sees the beauty of Autumn and the leaves falling.  October has Halloween.  And, December has Christmas.

 What has November got?  All Souls day?  A morbid festival if you ask me.  Darker days, as the clocks have changed and colder nights!

Its fair to say that November sucks the life out of us all, and might even finish us off if Christmas didn’t come and rescue us!

~ by knightfall on November 7, 2006.


  1. jaysis sham you’re right ! i never looked at it like that – lets start the campaign to ban november ! come to think of it, why is novem-ber i.e. the 9th month, really the 11th month ?

  2. I agree. I really do not like November, never have. Not sure what it is but may be the we have a year to reflect on the past year. Maybe it was good maybe not. We do not do that in December because of the Christmas festivities. I really hate November, my husbands birthday is November 7 and that doesnt help make it any better. Too many dark dreary days and of course in Canada the snow and freezing rain is happening. NOVEMBER SUCKS.

  3. we do have thanksgiving which brings famiies together.

  4. we don’t have thanksgiving where I live

  5. My Birthday is in November, I find this month to be exceptionally dull compared to the others though. I find it quite enjoyable though.

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