So, in today’s papers, the Vatican is saying that divorce, abortion and gay marriage are signs of the weakening influence of Christian values in Western Societies.  Really!  Is that so!  God, and there was  me thinking it was the Vatican’s own fault, what with their denial of all the wrong doings of priests the world over!!  I think its time that the Vatican realised that divorce, and to a latter extent gay marriage are here to stay!  As for abortion, that is a more contentious issue, and possibly the only issue that the Church have, in my opinion approached in a sensible way.  Their views on gay marriage and divorce highlight the way in which the church are generally viewed as being “backward” when it comes to current affairs.

I think that if the church wants todays young people to embrace it they will have to become more aware of the changing attitues of these people and adapt accordingly.

~ by knightfall on November 8, 2006.


  1. you’re going straight to hell lad !

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