Spent last weekend in the wonderful city of Liverpool with a few of the lads. We went over to see the Everton v Chelsea. It was my first trip to Goodison Park and despite the result I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. But I have to say that the city of Liverpool is a wonderful place. The people are so friendly, as opposed to previous experiences that I’ve had in other parts of England. They are all up for the chat and a laugh, which in comparison to Ireland is a welcome change. What do I mean? Well, it’s like this. Everyone that went on the trip is attached and therefore was not looking for any “action”. But if you were chatting to a group of people in a bar in Liverpool, male and female, the women would just chat away normally. Whereas in Ireland it is generally assumed, by the women, that all you want is some extra curricular activity. Which, in my case anyway, is never the case (if you saw my girlfriend, you’d know why). So, I guess I would say that Irish women should lighten up a little and get over themselves! You’re no all as desirable as you think you are!!

~ by knightfall on December 20, 2006.

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