Why is it that no matter how much sleep you get you still wake up tireder than when you went to bed? I mean c’mon here! I’ll admit that I’m not the best at going to bed early, but I made a conscious effort over the weekend to get in over eight hours sleep between Friday night and last night, and yet I’m absolutely shattered! I had so looked forward to coming into work full of the joys of spring, or some such feeling. But, here I am again, trying to drag myself through another day and finding any excuse possible to actually not start doing some actually difficult work!

I’ve been sitting here for one hour and eleven minutes now. It’s still only Monday. And, only Monday morning to boot! My weekend resembled the social life of an mollusk. And, to cap it all Everton got absolutely creamed by the Blackburn reserves in the FA Cup yesterday.

Hopefull 2007 can only improve from this point in, or else most of the rest of my blogs will no doubt be written in a haze of prescrption medication.

~ by knightfall on January 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “HAPPY FLIPPIN’ NEW YEAR”

  1. definately one of my resolutions – to get more sleep!

  2. try having an 11 week old baby who thinks its great fun to start singing along to winnie the pooh and friends at 4am !

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