It’s now been made official, as per the CAO (College Applications Office, or something like that!), that in the future all of Ireland’s vets, teachers, doctors, etc, etc, will all be women! (I thought that most of the teachers were already!?!) So now having twisted and moulded the education system enough in this country to allegedly give women an equal opportunity along men we find that we have, as we tend to do, overrun our objective and gone to the opposite extreme!

Lets look at the kind of Ireland we will have in 10-15 years time if this survey’s results prove to be accurate:

  • Men will have no social standing and will be expected to get married to, preferably, a rich women in their early twenties, or else, God forbid, they will end up alone!!
  • Our more reputable colleges will offer a few token scholarships to men in an effort to give some of them who may be intelligent a leg up.
  • At parties women will retire to the smoking room, smoke filter tips through cigarette holders and drink babysham discussing politics and the economy, while the men go to the kitchen and discuss the latest issue of the “Family Album”.
  • The All Ireland Final will be attended by 95% women whilst the men take delight in shopping in Dunnes Stores on O’Connell Street during this brief visit to Dublin. (Dublin men will be in M& S).
  • Eventually men will gather and gossip on street corners as the women tut and urge them to “come on!”.

Obviously, if the cycle does replicate itself, men will eventually rise up demanding equal rights, probably burning their boxers!

~ by knightfall on January 9, 2007.

One Response to “IT’LL BE A WOMAN’S WORLD!”

  1. i bet they still won’t stop and ask for directions though !

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