I haven’t mentioned this before because I just haven’t had the time basically. But myself and the good looking one (my girlfriend) have just finished building our house, sort of! Technically, it’s built, but there’s still all the “fun” stuff to do like second fix carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. And then there’s the tiling, carpeting, putting in the new kitchen, and painting. So it’s just physically built but not finished I guess!?!

From my experience with the whole process so far I can just, for now say two things that people should be very much aware of if building their own house. Firstly, be very careful when choosing your architect. Ours proved to be pretty incompetent and if it hadn’t been for our excellent engineer we would have been in difficulty. And, secondly, relatively speaking everything has its price and can be gotten at reasonably value. But, if you feel ripped off when you get your Council development charges and the charges for getting connected to water, electricity etc don’t feel guilty if you think you’re being ripped off. You’re feeling that way because you are being ripped off!

~ by knightfall on January 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “THE NEW HOUSE!”

  1. Hi Michael! Congrats on the new house! I can’t wait for you two to send me some pictures (hint, hint).

  2. indeed young mikey – looking forward to the thigh slapping bouts of merriment – now if only i could find some way of sabotaging your fantasy football team ….

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