I was reading the latest “Digital Ireland” supplement that comes with the “Irish Independent” newspaper each month. And, they had a feature on the role that technology/IT will play in the upcoming General Election (why do most of us capitalise “General Election”?). As you can probably guess the featured politicians from each party is promising the world with regard to the rolling out of broadband to rural areas etc. But, lets be realistic here. No matter who gets into government there will be no change in the attitude to technology. We are possibly one of the most backward of EU countries when it comes to embracing technology nationally. Yes, we’ll take the technology companies’ dollar/euro if they want to open a factory in this country, but God forbid that we might actually open our eyes and instead of practically begging them to give us money instead incentivise them to pump some of their technology into community projects.

Well, that’s just what I think……………………………………………….rant over!

~ by knightfall on March 2, 2007.


  1. i’d have to agree with you there young lad – the fact that there are no IT professionals or engineers in government tells a lot … anyone could sell them a system and they’d take it.

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