I know i’m the most inconsistent blogger on the face of the known planet (there may still be some undiscovered bit, probably around Termonfeckin), but the murder of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer (R.I.P.) has moved me to comment.

This is an eminently tragic turn of events. There are probably no words to express the feelings that anyone who was related to/knew this gentleman are feeling. I will not profess to being a stringent cricket follower. I was familiar with the game, but mainly from the English perspective, through listening to BBC Radio 5 Live regularly. So, although I am familiar with the rules and concept of the game, with regard to the Irish team I am definitely a bandwagoner! However, I had still heard of Bob Woolmer (R.I.P.) prior to this tragedy. He was a true legend of the game.

I for one am thrilled with Ireland’s success in the Cricket World Cup. But I don’t think that I’m alone in saying that if the greatest victory in the history of Irish cricket has moved a disgruntled fan/gambler/nut case/whoever to commit this henious crime…………I wish we’d lost…………..

~ by knightfall on March 23, 2007.

One Response to “BOB WOOLMER (R.I.P)”

  1. well said sir. lets go out and bowl the windies out and dedicate it to him and bob kerr

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