WELCOME TO 2008!!!

Ha! Well here we all are tumbling gleefully into a new year. I remember hearing some time ago that November was the most depressing month of the year, what with it falling between Autumn and Christmas. Well I reckon that January could give it a run for it’s money!!

True we arrive in a new year generally in a nice drunken stupor, or in the arms of a loved one. The next morning our lives are full of the good intentions that we are intent on not breaking within the next 12 months. But, tell me this, isn’t the return to work a b…….ad thing??

I for one am trying to throw myself into my work with increased vigour, in an attempt to get successfully to the end of each day, got home, relax, sleep, repeat the process………

So, this year I’ve re-thought the whole New Year’s resolutions issue and given myself 5 infinitely unachieveable goals:

  1. Be the best there is at what I do, when I figure out what it is.
  2. See Everton win a major trophy
  3. See the Republic of Ireland have a “world class ” mananger (rofl)
  4. Win the lottery (only amounts over €3m)
  5. Be successful at Total Football Manager 2008

~ by knightfall on January 3, 2008.

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