I’m currently trying to get my head in and around the psyche of someone who cares about the ongoing/upcoming American election(s).

To the uninitiated like me this is the way that things are currently being portrayed to me………

Barak Obama:  God!  Isn’t he a great fella!  He’s got it going on.  He’s kinda like a political Snoop Dogg, he’s that cool!!!  He talks well, he sounds so sincere and the ladies like him.  Where can it go wrong for him?  (Keep reading and I’ll tell you later).

Hiliary (Rodham) Clinton: Jeez, she’s some wagon!!  All the emotional range of a barrel of dead squid.  Sure, she threw out a few token water works when things went a bit pear shaped, but lets be a blunt as a blunt object here!  How questionable are the morals of a woman who stayed with her husband “allegedly” for political gain after he admitted to engaging in some “intern”al shenanigans while in office??

That McCain Fella: Is a Vietnam vet, supposedly hates Iran and uses the term “gook” to refer regularly to the Vietnamese that tortured him when he was a pow (understandable that).  In America, he will go far.

Now I’m lead to believe that there are other candidates and parties involved in the whole thing but I’m void of any knowledge of them at the moment.

Or maybe they’re just waiting in the long grass cos they know that in the long run America won’t elect either a gentleman of African origin or a woman, even if they are the best candidate.

~ by knightfall on January 8, 2008.


  1. i’d have to draw down about that one now sham

    i care about the US presidential race because if has such an effect on the rest of the free world – anything and anyone that can repair the west’s (and we all get lumped in tiggether!) reputation and views, is a good thing …. obama or clinton mightn’t be the best candidate but they are a damn sight better than that asshole in there at the moment

  2. Actually I agree with you. Anyone would be better than the current incumbent. My point is that I cannot see the ever “equal” United States of America electing either a women or an african american as president for the first time. I’d elect either of them tomorrow, but unfortunately Americans aren’t generally as open minded as they would have us believe. Though my friends over there are exception to this of course!!!

  3. Hello,
    Your observation about open-minded Americans made me pause there…will have to think on that. I am acquainted with both the open and narrow-minded (both left leaning and right leaning…which by all accounts I’m to understand is still right-leaning by European standards!), but most of the people whom I know tend to be more open-minded….and are asking questions. Trusting a politician and what is coming out of their mouth is another thing.
    Black/White ‘issues’ are quite unfortunately well-rooted here, and now esp with the hate-speech Obama’s church pastor has been reportedly spewing. Though that doesn’t mean Obama is, it just doesn’t put a good light on things.
    To be honest, most of my co-workers, and myself, are disgusted with it all, the candidates, the war, the economy, the current ‘Chief’, etc. I haven’t made my mind up yet, and will have to listen more (and listen past) to what they are all saying. As RM said, this will affect the world.

  4. I happened upon this sight somehow and I must say, I am disappointed, although not surprised, with the assumption that we are all closed-minded nationalists who blindly follow whatever our “leaders” say. The truth is, there are still many in this country who fit that mold. But the vast majority of us want change. Our government has failed us in more ways than I care to remember. It would be foolish to expect this to completely convince those who read it. But remember, by blindly grouping all Americans into this ignorant minority, you are guilty of the same crime you assume all Americans commit on a daily basis.

  5. David, in reply to your candid and moderately accurate comment. I can totally understand how you can base your opinion of me on this article, as I’m sure you’ll understand how people thousands of miles from the US will consider most Americans the same, based on the actions of the majority. No one nation is without fault, but personally I find your political system to be very antiquated. It is a long time since there were just 12 states in the US and the political systems needs to change to reflect this. The collegate system and its litigation do not a good system make!

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