This year I have undertaken, under much duress, the responsibility of coaching my local Gaelic Football team.

I only agreed to do this after all other options had been exhausted by the committee.

Now the club has fallen from grace lately.  That is to say that 2 years ago we were a senior football team, and we’re now a junior football team!  No the only plus point to my taking the position is that things can only get better.  Now, I enjoy playing football, and I enjoy watching it sometimes, but I never ever thought that I’d end up coaching a team.  Or, in my case the remenants of a team!  Our first match is on Saturday next and we’re going to be struggling to get the 15.  To pile just a bit more pressure on, my assistant/helper/mentor/selector won’t be there so I’m all alone for this one!  I’ll just throw it out there and say that I’m bricking it!  If we win the first game, which is winable the run off would be that I just know that numbers at training would increase, because a few are just waiting to see what happens!

So, locally I’d have to ask what has happened to having pride in your local club.  I’m only a “blow in” and I care, why don’t the locals care?


~ by knightfall on April 9, 2008.


  1. have to admit, I saw Gaelic Football for the first time the other day, via Setanta (ordered the channel to watch Six Nations, and USA Sevens) GF is fascinating to watch; the hubby liked it as well.

    Good luck with it all, and good on you for taking up the task, if I may say!

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