Finally, the madness of the revolving yes/no roundabout of a referendum regarding the Lisbon Treaty is over!!  We don’t know exactly what we (Ireland) as a nation rejected, but boy did we reject it good!!  My post may seem a little premature as counting of the votes has yet to finish, but to be fair the result is all but academic at this  stage.

I personally don’t view this though as a victory for the “no” campaign, or at least not as simplistic as that.  I view the result as more of a result for ignorance.  Not the ignorance of people who can’t understand or don’t want to understand, but the ignorance of people who haven’t been given the information in a manner that will facilitate their understanding of it.

I don’t know where we’ll go from here, but I’ll be watching and waiting with baited breath, anxious to see what the rest of Europe makes of us, and anxious to see where this nation will go from here.

For the record, I may sound like a “yes” campaigner but I actually voted No.  I just didnt’ get it, despite repeatedly trying to, and as a consequence didn’t trust it.

~ by knightfall on June 13, 2008.

One Response to “LISBON TREATY – IT’S OVER!!!!”

  1. Many thanks to the Irish for being the voice of millions of EU citizens who voices were shut down!

    Luis Sarmento
    Porto, Portugal

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