Just casting my ear over Ray Darcy on the Today FM as I “work” here today.  They’re discussing religion in Ireland and what it now means to the people.  Its a topic that I have often considered myself.  What does it mean to us, what does it mean to me.  I can’t speak for everyone out there, though I will defend till the day I die the right of people to differ from me in their opinion and I value the opinion of everyone out there.  And, I’d like to know all of your opinions.

I can only offer my own take on it:

I was born into a Roman Catholic family.  I still remember all of us in our living room saying the rosary on certain nights, led my my Granny (R.I.P.).  I remember attending all of the religious ceremonies at Easter time, including the Good Friday service.  I served as an altar boy, I did mass readings for a long time, and I even remember when I was very small, watching mass on RTE1, pretending that I was the priest, using cut out circles from a Brennan’s sliced pan as communion wafers.  All of my Aunts thought that I too would one day end up being a priest.  Later in life in times of extreme strife and worry I turned to prayer and to reading the Bible, and I found it helpful and therapeutic.

Fast forward many years.

I now consider myself an “a-la-carte Roman Catholic”.  That is to say that I still consider myself to be a Roman Catholic, and I still practice in my own way, but I now only take what I deem to be relevant from the practice.  I know that to most followers of the “one true faith” that this makes me a non-believer.  And, believe me, I do believe, and furthermore I wish I did now believe to the extent that I once did.  But, now, I find it difficult to take the Church seriously.  Their hypocrisy has turned me and I feel that they are more of a group of chancers and hangers on that the vessels through which God travels.  My opinions sometimes differ from theirs, so why am I automatically wrong as a consequence of this?  Why are they always right?

I think that eventually we will all meet God/our God, in a better place.  Hang on to your beliefs they may someday be all that you have, and hopefully someday I’ll get mine back.

~ by knightfall on July 8, 2008.

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