Lads, in a few minutes you will walk out of this room to participate in the most important game of this season.

And, how are we going to win this game? You won’t be fitter, you’re already the best junior footballing team in the county? All that has to be done now is for ye to prove it.

I won’t say that there’s not pressure today, there is. But every single one of you thrive on this kind of pressure. This is the pressure of expectation lads! I’ve said already that ye are the flagship team for this club. You are the yardstick by which this club will be measured, and you should be proud of that!

(Hold up jersey!)

We are Kilmacthomas GAA Club! And, I’m proud of that. I’m proud to be associated with each and every single one of you. Like it of not, younger players in the club look up to you. Think of what you have already achieved for this club. 22 of you at training the other night. When was the last time that happened at the end of July? The other night 4 underage players were practicing hitting the crossbar from 21 yards so that, in their words, “they’d be ready for the hemi-muller when their time came”. You lads should be proud of things like that, as a team. You train as a team, you play as a team and today you will win as a team.

Everyone, stand up! Move in. (Arms around shoulders)

Support each other, encourage each other. The man who thinks he’s better than anyone else out there today will soon find himself watching this match. Fight tooth and nail to get to every ball, make the hard yards, the hard inches. Run, run and run until you seize up and collapse. Look at each other lads, each of us will do that for each other. I don’t need to ask because I already know you’ll do it! That’s the essense of a team, this team. Now you guys go out and win this match and you continue to be a team. Lose and you’re just a collection of individuals.

Now! What are you going to do?


~ by knightfall on July 25, 2008.

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