I was driving into work this morning when, all at once, I got a fit of reversal!  I thought that either I was still asleep or that I had just missed a month and a half of my life!  The cause of my consternation?  That there was a public meeting in a local hotel this evening to revolt against the government’s reintroduction of the blasphemy laws!

Now, as I said I’m either still dreaming here, or today is April 1st, not May 21st!  So archaic are these laws that I just had to look it up when I got the chance.  So, here you are, this article pretty much sums up whats going on!

Have you ever, in your life, heard of such an absurdity?  Have our government (I used to spell that word with a capital G, but they don’t even deserve that little bit of respect now!) now lost all forms of reason?  It seems that because they have brought our economy to the dark ages that now they want to bring our moral values back there too!

What next?  The next Quentin Tarantino movie will only be available via under the counter pirate DVDs?  The newest Mills & Boon book will be in a dark plastic cover on the top shelf?  All women will be required to wear knee length skirts and cardigans throughout the year?

Join me in a prayer.  John Charles McQuaid is alive and well!!

~ by knightfall on May 21, 2009.

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